Stories of how you lost your Virginity and Outdoor Nude Intercourse

This is the 'First Experience' of Frances and her husband on Studland Beach

We married and had children so it wasnt until we were in our mid thirties that we had the chance to have a holiday away on our own. Naturism had not really entered our minds at this time. Well, we headed for Dorset, found a B and B and asked for a nice beach. Try Studland we were advised. Well we found it, parked and walked along the gorgeous sand. There were plenty of people but it was not crowded. Suddenly we came across a sign saying that there nudists ahead. And sure enough, this part of the beach had plenty of naked people enjoying the day, playing, swimming, sunbathing. And there were more in the dunes at the back. We both said " Shall we?" We decided to go into the dunes as being slightly less daring. On walking back there we could people everywhere, men, couples and all nude. We actually felt both excited and comfortable. We found a lovely spot and stripped of. We felt very brave and also felt that everyone was looking at us. Well, they weren't and slowly we got used to the wonderful feeling of freedom and stood up, looked round and walked about a little. It was just so nice. People we passed were friendly and we chatted to several, both couples and single males. Of course we looked, compared and so on but they were doing the same to us. There were all shapes and sizes and ages, some males were semi erect and a few had full erections but no one seemed to worry. I notice Pete was getting excited and suggested he lay down and sunbathe for a bit but he opted to go exploring. Well, I lay down and enjoyed the sun, Pete came back and I went walking it was such a wonderful feeling. I talked to various people as I went. Most were just relaxing and enjoying the sun, one or two were going a bit further which didnt shock but rather turned me on. In one quiet spot a man was masturbating and continued when he saw me but I think this was more for the benefit of another guy.

The day went far to quickly, people were leaving but we were reluctant to go, It was still warm and dusk was falling when Pete came back from one of his walks. He had an enormous erection. He threw himself down on the towel beside me and the next thing I knew we were fucking. It couldnt and didnt last long and he withdrew quite quickly leaving me completely exposed. I looked up and saw him talking to two men who were masturbating and they moved closer. I felt so relaxed and abandoned I just lay thereand watched them. When they finished they walked of and out of sight. Soon after we went back to our digs. The next few days we spent on the beach. This erotic episode did not recur. Some years have past this first time and we are committed naturists.

We no longer use Studland but other beaches mostly quite innocently but occasionally sex does rear its ugly head again. It was an eventful first time but one we will always remember.


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Dear Peter,

I’ve been a fan of your site for a number of years now and keep returning to read your accounts on nudity, erections, masturbation etc. I have just enjoyed reading your “first time” experience and was happy to discover that it virtually mirrors my own one.

The first time was with a friend of mine who was also a neighbour. I was 9 or 10 and he a year older. We would stay around each others houses and at night in the comfort of his or my bedroom would play a game that would involve removing our clothes. We wouldn’t touch each other but even at this age we were obviously aroused. The erection was fascinating to us and we would enjoy looking at each others and having our own naked bodies stared at. This continued on and off until we reached puberty and our bodies began to change. I remember one particular occasion, we hadn’t undressed in front of each other for a while; I removed my shorts after a game of tennis. My friend saw the beginning of my thick pubic bush and admitted his jealousy. I am dark with thick hair and his is blond.

His was studying art at this point and as part of his GCSE asked me to pose for him. I agreed and spent many happy hours posing for him totally unclothed while he drew. Needless to say I would always be aroused at the thought of him looking at my naked form and this made me very excited. We never touched each others bodies until my 16th year, his 17th. It was our custom to venture to a secluded, local playing field. Whilst there we would dare each other to remove an item of clothing, say a pair of trousers and walk across the pitch. On this particular evening I had removed my tracksuit bottoms nd pants and was lying in the grass. He looked at my erection and asked “What would you say if someone offered to give you a blow job! I was a little nervous but said that I would agree. “Do you want one then?” “Yes” I said. He bent down and slowly put my erection in his mouth and sucked on it. I told him to stop as I didn’t want to ejaculate but it was a tremendous feeling. Later that night after I had performed on him we masturbated together for the first time. This continued on and off for 2 years. Our “art” sessions would always end in a session of mutual touching and pleasure. It was extremely enjoyable!

All this finished when we went to university and I am now in a very happy relationship with a beautiful girl to whom I have told all of the above. Of course being a wonderful woman she completely understood, we are sexual beings after all! Recently I have rediscovered the urge to pose. The world of digital has allowed me to take portraits of my girlfriend and self-portraits but the thought of posing for others still remains desirable.

I was prompted to write in relation to my masturbation experiences. I am an Australian bisexual male in my mid 50's. Up to the age of around 40 I was a confirmed heterosexual. My sexuality changed around that time as a direct consequence of an incident in the change-rooms of a local swimming pool. I was taking a shower, bathers on, with the view of leaving the pool to go home. Whist in the shower area a man, around my age came in and removed his bathers which he washed out. While he was doing this I happened to look down and saw that he was fully erect and extremely well hung. We were the only two men in the showers at the time. I must have always been hard-wired for this because as I looked at this man I became overwhelmingly aroused. I subsequently removed my bathers and showed him my cock which was by now throbbing. Nothing was said, there was merely am almost automatic response from both of us; we took hold of each other's cocks and stroked with much pleasure. Obviously we were careful to remain in a private situation, but I can tell you, it took less than a minute for me to ejaculate and he followed a few seconds later. Incredibly, I found myself directing his cum onto my stomach. I very much enjoyed the smell, the feel and the whole scenario. We finished what we had started and both left, never to see each other again.

Believe it or not, this was the start of my full-on bisexuality and I have sought out many sexual encounters with like-minded men continuously since that time. Of course I have had absolutely stunning sex with a former girlfriend with her male partner, but that is another story. The bottom line here is that the pleasure of male to male masturbation is something special which I enjoy without exception and will continue to do so. I'm not sure, but I do believe my experience would be of interest to many of your readers.

My first nude experience was with a girl (B) when I was 13. She was rather well developed for her age and I wanted to see her naked. I knew she fancied me so I thought this would be easy. I persuaded her to meet me in some nearby woods after school one afternoon to do the “I’ll show you if you show me” thing.

We found somewhere secluded to hide and I nervously undid my flies. My erection had already found its way out of my Y front and it didn’t take much for it to pop out into the open. B giggled when she saw it. I pulled my trousers and pants down so I was almost naked with my hard penis pointing skywards.

I then asked B if I could see her breasts. She duly undid her blouse and her front-loading bra and then there they were in all their glory. They were lovely and big with large nipples. I then asked if she would take the rest of her clothes off. She was a bit reluctant saying that I was getting two for the price of one, but eventually she agreed and dropped her skirt and knickers. She had a large patch of pubic hair but when I reached forward to touch it, she pulled back. I tried to get her to touch my penis, but B wasn’t having it. That was pretty much the end of our first meeting.

On our second meeting, we went back to the same place. This time I met her on the way and we cycled over together. About halfway I asked her if she wanted to see my penis before it got hard. She agreed and I got my soft cock out for her. We then continued to our secret place and I immediately stripped off. My penis had already got hard in anticipation of what was to come. B undid her blouse and bra to show me her breasts and then asked me to take her skirt and knickers off, which I did in a shot. This time B was rather more curious about my penis and she gave it a gentle touch, remarking on how stiff it was. She then asked me if I would like to suck her nipple, which I did, but I sucked it a little too hard and she squealed!

We had discussed having sex, but I was a little nervous in case any accidents happened, so I suggested that I put my penis up her bottom. B cautiously agreed. Not having learned the joys of masturbation yet, I just stood there with it inside her. As we both found nothing much was happening, I withdrew. I asked if I could have a look at her between her legs. B lay down on the ground on her back and opened her legs to reveal her hairy fanny. She let me put my finger inside her and then I licked her.

We then dressed and cycled around for a bit. I’d promised B that I would show her my penis getting erect, so we found somewhere out of the way and I opened my flies and pulled my flaccid penis out. It didn’t take long for it to start to grow. B asked me what I had to do to get it to do that and I had to reply that it did it on its own!

By the third time we met, I’d had my first orgasm. I stripped off as normal proudly showing my erection then B asked me to undress her. She had grown more pubic hair since the last time I had seen her and now had a nice trail leading up to her navel. I asked B if she would like to suck my penis. She knelt down and took it in her mouth. I can still remember how wonderfully warm it felt. I then asked her if she’d like to see me wank. B immediately said yes so I started rubbing myself. It only took a few moments for me to reach orgasm and shoot several ropes of cum towards her.

That was the last time we met up sadly. I had hoped for another meeting where I could have asked B to wank me off. After we left school, we didn’t see each other for many years, but thanks to Friends Reunited, we met up again some years ago. The spark was still there and we ended up in bed together. This time though we were both much more worldly wise and we had the most fantastic night of sex ever. In the morning, B grabbed my penis and began wanking me to full erection before gently sucking me. She then asked if for old times sake, I would masturbate for her. Of course I agreed!

Hi All. I’m Allie (Allison). My husband, Mel (Melvin), normally writes these kinds of things but he’s in the UK for a few days, and since I’m feeling bored and lonely (aah!) I thought I’d do it. We are originally from Northern Ireland although we lived in Wales for quite a few years and now live in Reims in the Champagne region of France. Although we are quite mature regarding age, we are new to this world of organized nudity (oh, all right then, Mel is 60 and I’m 58). Also, although I never would have believed it, we have turned out to be a little bit naïve as you will see. We thought you might like to hear what’s been happening to us.


I should begin by saying that by most people’s definitions we are not naturists. However, we like being naked. We lived in South Wales for quite a few years and after the children had flown the nest we somehow or other drifted into the habit of being nude around the house. We didn’t participate in any naturist events or indeed go to any naturist centres but when on holiday we usually went somewhere abroad where we could indulge our liking for nudity on the beaches. In Wales we didn’t know anybody else who shared our liking for the unclothed life but we were generally happy being naked by ourselves and having our fun on holiday.


Anyway, a few years ago we decided to sell up and move to France. We sold our house and publishing business for an obscene amount of money which left us financially secure and bought an old place which we’ve been restoring gradually, doing a lot of the work ourselves and it is now looking really good. Clothes was never an issue particularly during the summers, we just didn’t wear any! Being nude is for us a way of life. Our property comes with over 25 acres of ground and about another 10 acres of woodland. We have a large drive and our nearest neighbours live half a mile away so we are in the perfect position to indulge our passion for nudity. We don’t have many unannounced visitors because of our location but people such as our post lady and our meter readers have at various times seen both of us naked and nobody has ever batted an eyelid. I must add that we don’t go out of our way to force our lifestyle on anybody else. If anyone is coming to stay we wear clothes and we keep T-shirts and shorts handy just in case someone like the local priest drops in, usually when he wants a donation!


We weren’t sure what steps we could take next because it excited us that some people were seeing us au natural and we really wanted to be naked around other people and not just with ourselves. We felt/feel excited about the prospect. I am a large woman, UK size 16-18, but I’m also 5’11 and a half” (the 1/2 inch is important!) tall. I’ve always been big although now I have extra wobbly bits whereas 25-30 years ago I was big but fit. In another life I played hockey to international standard. I represented Ireland at Under 17, Under 19 and Senior levels. I was always around naked or semi-naked women and I have never had any problems with body image. I have 36DD breasts and I have to say that when I go out I dress to show them off. Obviously I could no longer get away with minis (mutton and lamb and all that!), but my boobs are still remarkably firm and if I’m going out for the evening, I seldom wear a bra and nobody has complained yet!


Mel is smaller than me by about four inches (in bare feet! When I wear heels he’s a midget!! Sorry love!) but again he has no problems with body image. He probably only has about a three-pack now when once he had a six-pack and a couple of love handles here and there but for an oldie, he is quite well preserved! What he lacks in height he makes up for in the trouser department! Trust me when I say this is an area in which I most certainly have had some experience and he is definitely gifted!


If I’m being honest I have to say that at heart I’ve probably always been something of an exhibitionist. I love the idea of being nude in the company of others. I lost my virginity at 14 to a boy a couple of years older than me; from him tearing off his clothes to ejaculation took no more than 60 seconds (foreplay? what’s that?), and I can remember thinking ‘Is that all there is to it?’. Thankfully, it wasn’t! From then until well into my 20s I was, quite frankly, extremely promiscuous. I was heavily into one-night stands and I was carrying condoms and shaving my pussy when nice girls didn’t do things like that. Myself and my friends (there were four of us), used to regularly go on the pull at weekends. I have an older brother and he and his friends used to talk about the 3 ‘Ws’ (whip it in, whip it out and wipe it). Our motto was the 3 ‘Fs’ (find them, fuck them and forget them). Our pulling gear was mini skirts or mini dresses, low cut tops. I remember having a PVC dress so low and so short that top and bottom almost met in the middle! Really classy! When we were on the pull, we wore no underwear and if any of you girls out there have ever stood on a raised balcony nine feet above floor level knowing people below can see that you aren’t wearing knickers, you’ll know what a turn-on it is!


My girlfriends and myself from those days are still in touch. Like me, they are all happily married with grown up families. We speak to each other regularly and meet up when we are all in the same place at the same time.. None of us have any regrets about those days. Of course, looking back at it now, it seems as though we took crazy risks. We went back to men’s houses often when they were sharing digs and other men were present, we drove with them to quiet spots in the back of beyond but nothing ever happened to any of us that we didn’t want to happen. I’m not saying I would do it all again, but I am saying that I only think of those days with fondness.


I have absolutely no idea how many people I have had sex with over the years and it might frighten me if I ever tried to count them up, but it’s a lot. In my time, I’ve tried just about everything but no more than threesomes. I’ve even had a couple of lesbian flings but nice though they were, I found on the whole that I preferred men. I suppose our hedonistic lifestyle lasted the best part of 10 years until something happened which changed my life for ever. I met Mel. Our club hockey team was taking part in a tournament which was being held at a holiday camp in the south of Ireland. Mel happened to be at the same camp with friends. At first he was just a pick-up like all the others; I saw him in one of the bars and thought ‘I fancy that’. We started talking, had a couple of drinks and he took me back to my chalet. I couldn’t believe it when he just kissed me goodnight and didn’t try anything on. However it transpired that he only lived about 8 miles away from me. Anyway he asked me out on a date and I completely changed my lifestyle and became, at the time, a one-man woman. Mel taught me that for years I had been having sex, now with him, I was making love. We have now been married for 30 years and we’ve raised two lovely children.


I’m not going to say that we have always been totally faithful to each other. With Mel, the sex has always been fantastic and he is one of those all-too-rare men who always put their partner’s satisfaction before their own. However we have always been highly sexual people and every now and again, we have fancied a change. Usually one-night stands on both our parts which were totally meaningless and which the other was aware of but once on my part, it got a bit heavier and I had a full blown affair with a friend’s husband which nearly wrecked two marriages. This was the only time when I didn’t tell Mel who I was seeing. I suppose deep down I was ashamed of what I was doing. Thankfully I realized in time what I was in danger of losing and what I was in danger of doing to another family and pulled back. When I ended the relationship, I knew I had to tell Mel the truth. When I did, he looked at me and told me that he had always known about the affair but he loved me and knew I would come to my senses eventually. I thought that was such a beautiful thing to say to me and after we had both had a good cry, I resolved then and there that I would never again do anything which could hurt this wonderful man. That was about 12 years ago and neither of us has had any flings since then. However, I digress . . .


I’ve managed to get way off the subject so to return to it, we decided to put an advert in one of the local papers asking if anyone out there would be interested in getting together for naked evenings. We got about a dozen replies and this is where our naivety came in. All our replies came from swingers, which we genuinely hadn’t even thought about! Anyway, the whole idea excited us and having talked about it for some days we then thought why not. Let’s give it a try. So we picked one reply about 10 miles away from us who just happened to be roughly our age and rang them.


We spoke to this couple who sounded really nice and who said that six of them (four English and two French) met up once a month at each other’s houses for an adult evening. This was on a Wednesday and their next evening was the following Saturday and they invited us along. Anyway, we went along to their house with a great deal of trepidation and were greeting at the door by our hosts who were both stark naked. We were then introduced to the other two couples who were also naked. We were then invited to strip off ourselves which we did.


We went into their living room and the first thing we saw was the coffee table with a number of sex toys and a dish of condoms on it. We sat down and were given a drink and then rules of the meeting were explained to us. Total nakedness was compulsory from the time of arrival to the time of departure. No-one would be expected to do anything he or she felt unhappy with.. For all penetrative sex, male to male or male to female, a condom must be worn, but for oral sex or masturbation, it was a matter for the participants to agree on. The living room was for a meeting place only and no genital fondling or touching was permitted. Any sexual acts must take part in one of the bedrooms and the bedroom doors must always be left open. Still photography was permitted but if anyone did not want to be identified, their faces or any identifying marks must not be shown. Finally, as newcomers we would not be allowed to participate in the evening’s sexual activities but must leave when those activities started. If we wished to join, we could contact Julia and Ben (our hosts) and say so over the next few days, and provided all the others had agreed to have us join, we could start from next month.


While we were all sitting talking and having a drink, it was obvious that Mel was feeling just a bit uncomfortable. He had this huge hard-on which he was unsuccessfully trying to hide! However, the others made it clear that this wasn’t a problem and indeed we soon learned that erections while talking and drinking in the living room were far from uncommon. Our problem that evening was that the other men could do something to get rid of theirs, but Mel was stuck with his, at least until we got home!


For our first evening we didn’t want to outstay our welcome, and we really wanted to get home as we were both well turned on, so we left after about an hour and left our hosts and their guests to do what they had come for. We just about made it in through the door before we were ripping off each other’s clothes and having wild sex!


We talked things over and decided that if the others wanted us, we would love to join their group. I rang Julia who said the others would be delighted to have us join and we started the next month. A couple of days before the meeting we shaved each other. Sometimes we are shaven, sometimes not - we go through phases where we prefer one or the other but I always shave Mel and he shaves me. It takes much longer than doing it ourselves but for us, it's part of foreplay. We had the most amazing evening. We have been swinging now for almost a year and it’s been fantastic. The eight of us get on brilliantly. Apart from the sex, we all genuinely like each other and I can’t now imagine not being involved with them. During our time with them, we have taken a number of photos but to be honest, I have to say that most of them are just the sort of thing you can find on porn sites anywhere on the net. Straight and gay sex, oral, anal etc. In fact on the porn sites the standard of photography is so much better since many of our photos have been taken by somebody whose hand has been shaking a bit! The difference of course is the photos are actually of us and our friends so they are a bit of a personal turn-on.


We do have one photo though which we and our friends think is fantastic.. Mel and I made clear that no matter what happened during the evening, our finale would be to have sex with each other. Usually this means what it says, full sex but it isn’t necessary. It can be as simple as gentle kissing and petting although usually it’s more than that! This particular photo is taken probably about two minutes after we had had great sex.. We are both lying on our backs on the bed. Mel has his right leg across my left thigh. My legs are spread and my fanny has that slightly puffy look which the women out there will recognize you get after good sex. The photo was taken by our friend Julia who had just rolled down and taken off Mel’s condom and his cock is semi erect and glistening with cum. It is obvious that we had just fucked each other. We think it is beautiful to the extent that we have had it blown up in black and white, framed, and it is now hanging on our bedroom wall. It’s really arty!


So what of the future. Well, swinging is definitely a must for us. As I’ve said before, we’re both extremely sexual people and changing partners for an evening really does it for us. We have always had a great sex life. We’re both getting on a bit now and we probably don’t have sex as often as we did in our 20s and 30s but we believe in quality over quantity. We make love, as opposed to having sex, three or four times a week. Making love for us is an event, which isn’t to say it’s not spontaneous because it is. However, it doesn’t have to happen at night. It can be during the day, in the evening, or indeed at night, whenever we want but it always lasts two to three hours. We always start with a shared bath or shower, followed by kissing and non-genital touching and caressing before we progress to full-on petting and sex, which might be hetero, anal or oral or indeed a combination and may or may not involve sex toys. We end with another shared shower. That side of our life has not changed. What has changed is the fact that in addition we now will have occasional ‘quickies’. We never wear clothes around the house as I’ve already said so we don’t have to struggle with buttons or tights etc! If the notion takes us, that’s it! As Mel says, there’s a time and place for a quickie, the time is any time and the place is any place when the time’s right! About a week ago, we had sex, as opposed to making love!, outside, against the wall of the barn! The temperature was about three degrees!


I must clarify something here. Neither I nor Mel are advocating that people should become swingers.. It most definitely is not for everybody. Swinging should come with a health warning. ‘Beware! Swinging can seriously damage your relationship.’ Before you get into it, you must be absolutely sure that it is what the both of you want. If one of you has even the slightest problem with it, then it’s not for you. You must think of the consequences. Will the green-eyed monster of jealousy rear its head. Ladies, does it bother you that your partner may fantasize about somebody else who might have better tits than you? Gentlemen, can you live with the fact that your partner might prefer Mr X because his cock is bigger than yours? Can both of you watch your partner get fucked in every orifice by a number of men and women and not get jealous? As I say, it works for us and for our swinging partners because we are all perfectly happy in our relationships. The youngest member of our group is a fantastically beautiful 43-year-old French Algerian with the most incredible body. She has a firm bust and legs which go on for ever, but she is a real doll and none of us feel threatened by her. Mel and I love each other to bits and we really love swinging but believe me if there was the slightest possibility of it affecting our home life, we would end it tomorrow.


We are also excited about something else. We have been to the local mairie and spoken to the local mayor. We have been given permission to turn our farmhouse into a naturist B&B. Up to the moment we have done most of the alterations to our farmhouse ourselves and the downstairs has been just about completed. Our own bedroom is on this floor. We are now calling in the builders to finish the upstairs renovation. When completed there will be a further three large double bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities.. In the spring they will be building our swimming pool and hot tub with patio/sunbathing area. We want to have all this completed before taking paying guests. Hopefully the Melal Naturist Guest House will be ready for visitors by the end of the summer. We discussed advertising early in 2009 but decided against because French builders are notoriously unreliable. We will be doing a website and advertising in magazines such as H&E but not being terribly familiar with the naturist scene we don’t really know where else we could advertise. If anyone has any suggestions (possibly you might Peter?) we would love to hear them. We can be contacted at We had thought that an advert in some national newspapers might be worth a try but I don’t know if naturists would look at any adverts there.


We also have a two- to three-year plan for the remainder of the premises. We want to build toilet and shower blocks, and put in water and electricity for a campsite. We have already been given the OK to do this so provided the French workmen actually turn up to do some work, it should happen.


I have to say here that we are not opening premises for swingers. The majority of naturists are, we believe, not swingers and we want to cater for them. At the same time, we are not the morals police and what people do in the privacy of their own rooms is not our business. Provided, of course, everything is between consenting adults. All we are saying is that just as our little group of eight have their rules, so also will we, so no sex around the swimming pool!


Our French friends, Veronique and Jean-Michel own and run a restaurant in Reims. Jean-Michel is a fantastic chef who worked at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir de Quatre Saisons in Oxfordshire for a couple of years before opening his own place here, so we hope to run naturist gastronomic courses a couple of times a year. They also know a naturist masseuse locally and although with just three rooms to let in the main building there would not be enough work for her on a regular basis, perhaps we will be able to work out something when we have the campsite up and running. We know she teaches her form of massage which is something I know nothing at all about but apparently part of her massage concerns various erogenous zones (and I’m not just talking tits and genitals here). I’m actually having a massage with her soon and I can’t wait! If she’s as good as our friends say and she’s willing, perhaps we will be able to organize some massage courses even if it has to be out of season. We also have a small lake on our property which is well stocked, so fishing holidays are another possibility. At present, nothing is ruled in or ruled out.


Anyway, I think I’ve gone on long enough here so if anyone wants to go on our mailing list or indeed just want a general chat, just drop us a line and we will send you details of our building progress as it happens, or indeed, lack of it if the builders run true to form and it doesn’t happen, at least not quickly!


Be happy



Lost Virginity? Please! Take It!!!
Frank in South Georgia, USA

Like most of us who were in our teens around 1960, my only real sexual outlet was masturbation. The girls liked to make out and some enjoyed heavy petting, but very few went "all the way". So, the end of a date meant an instant hardon as the kissing started and a case of "blue balls" by the time the evening was over. After taking my date home, I'd stop at a secluded area for a nice outdoor jackoff before going home.

I went all the way through high school with plenty of opportunities to play with girl's breasts and sometimes with their pussies. One girl and I had dated on and off for a few years and were more or less "steadies". After graduation, I went away to technical school in another city but she and I wrote to each other and dated when I went home for visits.

On each of the visits, we'd take up where we left off with the heavy petting, sometimes with clothing partially removed so I could kiss her breasts and she could stroke my dick. Although there was plenty of stimulation, I always controlled myself and didn't squirt all over the place. She wasn't stroking me with a lot of intent, mostly playing anyway, which was fine with me. I enjoyed the opportunity to kiss and play and explore. Also, I didn't have a clue about how to start fucking!

OK, so I have an outee and she has an inee and I knew what it was like to put a finger inside her. But, how the heck do I get my dick lined up for the plunge? Thankfully, she was still holding off on that part of it. That is, until another visit.

I'm not sure of her motivation to take the relationship to the next level, except the longer we were living in separate cities, the closer she seemed to be getting to going all the way with me. Perhaps, she thought I'd find another girl where I was living. Well, I wasn't blind - there were plenty of girls where I was, too! Anyway, on one of my trips back home, she and I went out to a movie then to a secluded parking area.

In fairly short order, enough of our clothes were off to allow easy access to all of the fun parts. After some extended touching around each other, we positioned ourselves on the front seat of the car so I was mostly between her legs. I was fumbling around and she finally told me to find "it" with my finger first. I did and then tried to poke my dick inside. When I thought I was there, I began to move around some and, since she didn't say anything else, I assumed I was where I needed to be. It felt wet and warm and we wallowed around that way for a while. It felt good, but I didn't cum and wasn't sure when to stop. I was too nervous to be aware of much of anything!

The following day, I had to return to class in the other city. Of course, that meant a return to my normal masturbatory exercises. As I thought about the experience of a few nights before, I came to the realization that I probably didn't really have my dick totally inside her pussy, but was just wallowing mostly in her slit. In any case, the experience provided some great enhancement to my masturbation sessions.

A few weeks later, I traveled back home and had a date with the girl. Again, we drove to a secluded area after a movie for some fun. Perhaps because of the experience on my previous trip, we got most of our clothes off as we began to make out. We spent quite a while fondling each other, all the while getting more and more into the missionary position. I was far less nervous than before and had no problem getting my dick securely inside her pussy. I had read how I should pace myself and take my time. I started an easy pumping action and she seemed to be enjoying it also. After a few minutes of pumping while continuing the kissing and touching, nature took control and I began to pump a bit faster. Less than a minute later, I felt myself at the point of no return and pulled out of her to shoot my load.

Being amateurs at the act and it being the early 60's, neither of us had thought of condoms and she wasn't on the pill. The only option was for me to pull out and hope none of my little swimmers were inside her. There was no issue, thank heaven!

Having finally completed an act of intercourse to achieve orgasm was very satisfying in more ways than one. I had not learned some of the more advanced forms of masturbation that simulated intercourse, so the only way I had cum before was using my hand. While my hand gave me a lot of control over my orgasms, I realized that intercourse with a woman provided a more complete, full body sensation. Not that one can't give oneself a toe-tingling orgasm by hand, but involving the motion of the entire body in the act of stimulation to orgasm takes it to a much higher level.

Nature took its course in another way over the next few months. I completed my studies and took my first real job in a town that was closer to, but still a few hours from, my home town and the girl who helped me lose my virginity. I dated a few girls and met one with whom I had a lot in common. After a few weeks, we began to spend as much time in bed as we did anything else. The education I received with the first girl paid off with my new girlfriend. Several months into our relationship, we married.

James' story about masturbation with is girlfriend

I first realized that I enjoyed masturbating with an audience during my time with Suzie. She was a work colleague and part of a small circle of (all female bar me) friends who would get together at one of our houses every other Saturday night. Alcohol would flow and we would all have a merry time.

One evening, one of the girls got a little too merry and went to bed early. This left me, Suzie and one other girl. Inevitably the conversation turned to sex and we spent the next half hour or so going over what we had done, what we would like to do and what we would never do! I can't remember how it came about, but the next thing I knew, I'd been told to go upstairs, strip off and get into bed, and then the other two girls jumped in either side of me.

We kissed and cuddled, but the fact that my arms were pinned down around them on either side of me limited what I could do with my hands. Suzie though did not have the same problem and soon discovered that I had not done as I had been told and stripped off completely. She tried to get her hand inside my briefs and I did everything I could to help by breathing in as hard as I could but to no avail. She then told the other girl that I wasn't naked and together they pulled my briefs off. Suzie then grasped my penis which I'm afraid to say was completely flaccid, more to do with nervousness than anything else.

The two girls then got out of bed and told me to get dressed and come downstairs which I did. When it was time to go to bed, I was told to sleep with Suzie who was a bit tiddly by now, to make sure she was ok. We slept together in the same single bed fully clothed unfortunately, but in the morning she did mention that during the night she had felt "something hard" pressing up against her.

The next time we were all together, I was praying that I would be able to sleep with Suzie again, and I wasn't disappointed. At the end of the evening, Suzie and I got into the same single bed together and settled down. It was quite cramped and it soon got very warm, so I suggested that we stripped down to our underwear. She agreed and in no time was lying there in her white underwear, with me in my boxers.

We kissed and cuddled for a while and then I felt brave and asked if I could take her bra off. She said that she'd do it as the clasp could be a little difficult. Off came her bra off to reveal the most perfect pair of breasts I'd ever seen. They weren't enormous but they were pert, perfectly formed, and with nipples which were hardening by the second.

By now, I was hard as a rock. Suzie suggested that we took the rest of our clothes off. I leapt out of bed and pulled my boxers down. "That didn't take long did it?" she said when my erection popped out. I looked down and saw that Suzie had taken her knickers off. In front of me was the hairiest pussy I'd ever seen. Thick and dark, with a thin trail heading up to her navel.

I got back into bed and kissed her. She responded and soon we were tonguing each other. I became brave and touched her breast, gently circling her nipple. As I met no resistance, I asked whether I could touch her down below. She opened her legs and I slowly slid my hand down her body and through her thick pubic hair. It was obvious that I was making a hash of it when she took my hand and offered to show me, using my fingers, how she liked to be touched. This was such a turn on for me, and was my first real lesson in how to please a woman.

After some cuddling and kissing, I took Suzie's hand and put it on my penis which was by now ready to explode. "Why don't we both masturbate?" she said. "Don't think I'm weird, I just like to watch. You can cum on any part of me". How could I refuse? I got up and sat astride her. When I felt her hand pass under me heading towards her genitals, I grabbed my penis and we were off.

I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was doing something I loved doing, while at the same time someone I really fancied was doing the same thing! Watching Suzie's facial expressions and her hand flitting from breast to breast, playing with her nipples made everything much more exciting. Eventually I could hold out no longer and I leant forward depositing a huge load of semen on her breasts. "You could have started a clan with that lot!" she said. It remains the best wank of my life.

When I woke up in the morning still beside her, I was soon erect again as I looked at her exposed breasts and pussy. Another wank was definitely on the cards and just before I came, I woke her and she watched as I came over her pubic hair.

Sleeping together on our Saturday night get-togethers now became the norm. I couldn't wait for bedtime to come around, so that I could watch Suzie take her clothes off. Sometimes she wouldn't wear a bra, other times she would surprise me and not wear any knickers. Always though, after some cuddling and kissing, she would order me to either "wank" or "masturbate" and I would oblige, covering some part of her with my liquid.

These sessions continued for many months until we sadly drifted apart. We did have intercourse on many occasions, but it was still watching me masturbate which she seemed to enjoy most. I was now a big fan of masturbating in front of my lovers though. It always seemed such a rude thing to do. All my girlfriends enjoyed watching me masturbate - either in person or via webcam - and occasionally we would indulge in mutual masturbation.

Masturbating alone is great, but having someone watching you, for me at least, takes it to an extra level.

An Experience on an Australian Beach....

I was at a secluded nude beach here in Australia during the summer and a couple aged in their mid fifties lying down close-by were having a jolly good time between themselves. Being the only other person on the beach, they invited me to join in (being a single male in my mid-twenties) to which I happily did as the wife was quite attractive.

The husband ejaculated in his wife's vagina. However, he ejaculated quite a bit of semen so much so that when he pulled his penis out of his wife's vagina he still continued to ejaculate quite a bit of semen involuntarily (5 spurts). It was slightly strange that his semen was quite clear and not at all cloudy (which I think is normal). I can only imagine that he had cum so many times during the day that he 'was running on empty!' None the less, the wife was really enjoying herself!

They were lovely people and very out-going and quite attractive being smooth all over (age is no barrier - everyone looks good naked!). What got "the ball rolling" was when the husband started to masturbate his wife in front of me, and as you may know our penis' have a mind of their own, and about 5 minutes later the wife seemed to have a smile on her face when she saw pre-cum oozing out of my penis. That's when they both called me over - I guess I was like the in-experienced toy-boy but it was wonderful nonetheless. With the husband's penis already inside his wife, they invited me to also side in my penis. The husband's penis had up upper curve and mine has a sharp curve to the left, so both penises fitted in well!

I wore a condom, whereas the husband did not, but I knew he was ejaculating when I felt his semen ooze down my scrotum - I don't know if he or she enjoyed it more, but I was having a jolly good time.

I still visit nude beaches around Australia from time to time and don't have any problems sporting an erection as it's a completely natural thing which no man should be ashamed off.

Richard loses his Anal Virginity

Having already contributed an article about my first experiences of being naked, I wanted to share an early experience with masturbation which turned into an exploration of anal sex. If you've read my first article you will have discovered that I enjoy being naked outside and this event is again set outside whilst camping overnight in my parental back garden with a friend of mine called David.

It was during the summer after my A levels and David and I decided to camp out overnight, with the usual supply of alcohol. The first order of the night was to go garden creeping, which we did clothed, after which we returned to the tent and consumed the alcohol talking as you do. After a while, and a few drinks the subject inevitably turned to masturbating, or wanking as David put it.

"Have you ever tried being wanked off by someone else?" he asked, to which I replied that I hadn't. "Soon fix that," said David, throwing off his clothes. I knew he was adventurous so not to be left out, I undressed as well and David then spent a good 10 minutes examining my penis, pulling the foreskin back and forward a few times, seeming to enjoy the way I became erect and the skin moved. He then asked me to turn over and he spent a further 10 minutes examining my buttocks and bum hole before gently running his finger between my buttocks, pausing over my bum hole and pressing it gently whilst slipping his other hand under my front to massage my penis.

I couldn't help but let out a soft moan of enjoyment at which point David flipped me over and asked me to start massaging his penis in the same way. I drew the line at the finger work, but it was interesting to see a foreskin going back and forward from another angle and not from above or being the owner of it!
After a few strokes, he became hard and we worked on each other until I came off. "Ok, lets try something else" said David, at which point he produced a pot of lubricant from his bag - he'd obviously had a plan from the off.

"Turn over" he said, so I duly lay down on my front only for David to begin smearing the lubricant over and between my buttocks and around my bum hole. "You've got a nice ass" he commented, which I wasn't altogether sure how to take. His fingers were gentle and massaged my bum hole before he slipped a finger in, wiggling it slightly as he did so. Again, his other hand went hunting for my penis and to my surprise and delight, I became erect again. David then started to rub his penis up and down my crack a few times until he became hard and he then inserted 2 fingers into my bum hole saying "need to make sure I'll fit in". The gentle motion caused me to let out another moan of pleasure which seemed to spur him on.

He then grabbed me across my hips and pulled me up into a kneeling position saying "try kneeling with your bum in the air". David knelt behind me, I knew what was going to happen next but I was eager to find out what it would be like. Gently, he eased himself in and began pumping slowly. Alternating between massaging my buttocks and fondling my penis, he eventually exploded inside me. "Wow" he said, "I've never done that before, how did it feel?"

"Ok" I replied, not wishing to appear too eager even though it had actually been quite enjoyable. "Now you do me" said David. I began applying the lubricant to his buttocks and crack, lingering over his bum hole as he had mine, before taking the plunge and pushing one finger gently in initally, copying the wiggling motion, and then withdrawing my finger to re enter him with two.

"Ok, so now try it with your dick", commanded David, "you've shown I can take it". He assumed the position and I knelt behind him, pushing gently. I found it hard to make penetration and slipped off target a couple of times at which point David said "pass yourself here, we'll put on some more lube", grabbing my penis and pulling me with it towards him as he did so. He applied the lube to my penis, pulling my foreskin right back first to apply it liberally to my glans and the inside of my foreskin, and then pushing it forward and greasing my penis along its length. "Need to make sure it works this time" he said. We assumed our positions and this time I managed to get inside him, pausing just as I entered him. "Now what?" I asked. "Push it in all the way and pump it" he replied. Copying him, I massaged his buttocks and fondled his penis, and after a few strokes of his penis he climaxed at which I climaxed and exploded inside him as he had me. "Wow, that was fun" said David, "thanks, I always wondered what it would be like".

With that, David spent some time examining my penis and scrotum again, playing with my foreskin as he did so, pulling it back even further than I thought possible, before asking me to turn over once more to examine my bum, crack and hole. He inserted his fingers a few more times before he flipped me over again to try and pull me off but I was too tired so we both decided it was time to get dressed and go to sleep after cleaning ourselves up.

It was an innocent experimentation session with sex and masturbation, and it helped us both decide our preferred orientation, and we've both stuck to them ever since. I prefer vaginal sex, there's more to stimulate and play with, and I just admire and am attracted to the female form too much. I don't look at men at all and don't particularly enjoy posing nude in front of them at art classes.

Stimulating my Wife actually turns me on, which I really enjoy. I still enjoy a good wank every now and then, either being pulled off by my Wife or when I entertain myself, and even use the odd toy to heighten the pleasure. I'm sure David's still doing the same wherever he is.

Brian's Anal Adventures

As I was walking around the wood of a well know naturist place in Kent, it was a nice hot sunny day a man came up behind me, and started to speak to me, he said he had been watching me in the sun bathing field and noticed I had a nice bum, it looked very inviting, so when I went for a walk he followed me, he suggested that I might be interested in a bit of fun. If I was, we could go to a quite spot he knew off the main walk. I am a person who does like a bit sexual fun so I agreed to meet him at the spot he showed me, half an hour later.

When I arrived he was there he had been playing with his cock has it was hard, I asked what he wanted, he said nothing I want to do something to you. Such has I asked? He said, have you ever been fist fucked, I said no I have heard about it but not done it. You will like it once you get used to it he said. I will try I said, then he told what he would do. First he said I will put on a latex glove and lubricate it and you will lie on the bench with your legs open ,then I will slowly work my fingers in your hole, then a hand into your hole I will do it slowly so it does not hurt you. So I lay a towel on the bench and watched him put on a glove and lots of lube went onto it. He said do you take poppers? I said yes, then he gave me a bottle, I took some and it was good.

He said I am ready so you lay back on the bench and spread your legs, and his hand was just pushing at the entrance going in a little further each time, then he said his friend was coming down the path, he also put on a rubber latex glove but no lube. Take some more poppers he said to me. I did, he did, and his friend did. I decided to take a little more poppers and my legs was pulled down right over my chest by his friend and spread really wide apart, then a hand was pushing at my hole it was slowly going further in it was twisting, pulling out then back in until eventually it went inside my hole. He told me it was inside me now, and asked did it hurt? I said no it did not. Then he was moving his all-round inside me. I was enjoying it very much so I asked him to fuck me with his fist. He said he would but first, lets see how far we can go in. He told me he had gone nearly to his elbow. I said that is far enough. He then started a pumping action, just like a cock going in and out. I was really enjoying it now and told him I wanted more. He told his friend to come down the side of me, so I had one on each side of me holding my legs up with one hand, and they started to take it in turns to go in and out of my hole pulling their fists right out, and going straight back in. They were enjoying it themselves now, saying he has a fucking big hole.

I looked to one side and I counted four more guys watching the session, then one of the guys watching said to the two fuckers can you get both hands in at once, we will try they said one hand went to the entrance and the other joined it there, one hand went in me and the second slowly followed and they both started to pump at the same time, then all of a sudden spunk shot out of my cock. One said he is enjoying it now he just spunked. They slowly pulled out one at a time, but could not resist going in again and pumping once more. He said this guy really likes it he deserves more he was going right up to his elbow with each stroke. I spunked again.

He said he has spunked again. he pulled out and cleaned himself up and so did his friend. They thanked me for letting them have fun with my hole they had enjoyed it very much and said hope to see you here again soon. I laid there a while to recover I had taken a lot of poppers. I thought about it. It it was very nice and would do it again has often has I could, I got more out of than a cock going up me. It did not hurt me at all., I knew I had a big arse hole before that. I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much It was a very nice feeling- the fist going up my hole and back out again, and then the long strokes, and when he did this he wriggled his fingers right inside me it felt so nice. As you lay there, your thoughts was of a massive cock going up you and pleasuring you, after they had come out my hole felt very nice and it was not sore in any way, has far as I was concerned they could have carried on doing it to me I was in another world at the time.

After relaxing awhile, I went for a shower, and in the shower was the first man who made contact with me, he asked if I had enjoyed what happened I said I did very much it was very nice. He said would you do it again sometime, after that experience, I told him I would be glad to let anybody who wanted to do it to me enjoy himself. He told there are guys here at the club who like doing it but only one or two that take the fist. He told me that he gets so much enjoyment out of it fucking a guy's bum hole, he often spunks himself but he would not take it himself. I finished showering and went to a rest room to have a little sleep. I was woken by him again. He said he had seen me go into the rest room, and while I was asleep he had put some thin rope around my ankles and as I came too he pulled at the rope and my legs went up in the air. He tied them off as was laid there with my legs apart again. He told me he had enjoyed my big hole that he wanted another go at me, but his friend had gone home so this was the way to get me. He soon had a pair of latex gloves on again. He said I don't want to force you so are you willing? I said yes I was. He gave me a bottle of poppers so I took some. He turned the lights up as he said it would enable me to watch with all the mirrors in the ceiling and walls. I saw his hand go to my hole and slowly work at it again, he was very excited has he was taking poppers as well. His hand went in very soon this time he had lube on both gloves and put a fist in and out alternating each hand the feeling was great. Then he gave my hole a very hard pumping session, then relaxed a little. Then put both hands in at once, he went a long way in together he was really stretching my hole now. He commented that I had one of the biggest hole he had fisted. I finally spunked again it was intense it was unbelievable. He pulled out, thanked me again and I thanked him for giving me such pleasure. He left saying he would look out for me again. I slept a bit longer to recover, then went home a very happy man that was a good day of sex. I would be willing for contact with who would like to do this to me.


A new story for you to read. had two contacts from your pages recently they said they had been on one of your walks these guys knew each other but wrote there own message to me . It was arranged to meet them at a club they knew, it turned out to be similar to Eureka ,but all men ,in salisbury, a private club. Has it worked out it was sunny and warm when I went there,we met and talked, sauna steam relaxing rooms, and DVD rooms, and a nice wooded area for cruising round, they both told me they were into fisting and had read my stories in your pages, and wanted to give my hole a good fisting.
They wanted to act out a fantasy I was to walk through the wood in shirt and joggers , they would jump me, strip me and have their way with me. This all went to plan. Where I had been stripped there was a box of some kind with a cover on it. I was led to it laid belly down on it with my bum just at the edge, they tied my hands to a tree and legs down, I was like spread eagled and could not move much. They stripped them selves, lubed my hole gave me a bottle of poppers near my nose so I was inhaling the vapours when I wanted them. They got to work on my bum with there fists, it went on along time , they knew what they were doing, playing with my prostate getting me all excited pumping their fist and arms as far as they could up my hole. Yes it was a very good feeling for me. I did spunk twice because it was dripping from my cock they knew I was enjoying it all They said they would rest a bit them have some more fun with me.
They just walked off leaving me tied to the trees. Other guys were walking round the wood, some played with me, a few took advantaged of the postion I was in. They filled my hole with there cocks, another guy used one of the latex gloves, he said he had seen this on dvd, but never done it, he put his hand up my hole commenting this is the fucking biggest hole he had seen, pumped a few times, took his hand out and put his cock in, then he left. I laid there a little while, then two big men came and saw me one had a very big cock indeed he stood right in front of my face wanked his cock soon got very hard and stiff, look at the size of this mate you know where it is going right up your fucking hole , I could feel it go up me, nice and easy it was taking his time, the other came round the front and put his cock in my mouth they were slapping my bum very hard. They were both very excited they both satisfied them selves leaving deposits on my back and on my face. The big cock came round front now it had slackened of abit. He pushed it in my mouth, the other guy was shouting at me showing me his fist. 'it was big' he said he was going to stretch my hole abit more, I was not looking forward to this his hands were so big, I was breathing in the poppers now, I knew he was going to try to go in my hole, I could feel his hand pushing taking more poppers it began to hurt a bit, then it went all the way in. He said to his mate this guy has got a fucking big hole. He pulled his hand out it was a relief he did not do much.
Not long after the two guys came back, said to me some body has had a good time all this spunk over you, and set about fisting me again, they were going so far in my hole I could feel there fingers moving further up me than anybody had been before. They had a good time again so did I. As they untied me they asked did you get visitors we told some guys how we left you in the wood. Yes I did, seven cocks and two fists have been up me I told them I enjoyed what had happened to me all though it was a bit uncomfortable on the box thing all that time. these guys said they will get in touch again soon. I hope so as I had a realy good time!


Guy's Sexual Adventures:

My sexual adventures started at about age 13 when I was sent to my Aunts house to have my weekly bath, (they were posh), and we didn't have an indoor bathroom, just a toilet outside.
On Saturday nights I was sent to aunties house by my mum for my weekly bath.
Auntie would always run the bath and shout me it was ready as I was getting undressed in the spare bedroom. Then when I was soaped up and washing my hair auntie would always come in and rinse my hair and would then tell me to kneel so she could check to see if I had washed properly. She would pull back my foreskin and rub round my bum hole etc. Which was a little embarrassing but necessary to check I was clean all over.
And some weeks later aunty came into the bathroom to wash my hair and check my foreskin and bum ( there never were any locks on the door) and caught my soaping my erect cock. It was obvious I was masturbating as I was about to cum, and she just stared at me was "so shocked" and so was I but still stood there and was ordered to get dried and "come to my bedroom immediately" , "we'll sort this out"
So I went in to her room with my towel still round me. " give that here" she took the towel off me, she stared at my cock which was still hard, I was so embarrassed, She put the towel and then me across her knee, and was given a dozen slaps on by bare arse.
I went back to the bathroom to get dressed and couldn't resist relieving myself, so I was having a lovely wank into the towel, and as I was actually shooting my cum in walked Aunty, "thought as much you naughty boy, just wait till next week and I'll tan your hide and control that cock of yours".
Well the following week after my bath I was again spanked naked but this time after about a dozen slaps she reached between my legs and fondled my cock and balls then more slaps, this went on for about 20 mins. Then she told to "stand up" I was still hard and very embarrassed. Aunty said "right then let's get rid of this" she grabbed my cock and which was already very erect, and pulled my foreskin back to expose the head, that made me tense and moan out loud. "stand still " she said, as it made me jerk back,
Then with her smooth hand she stroked down the length of my cock and with only about 5 or 6 strokes I shot my spunk several times as my cock twitched in her hand, I thought I was never going to stop shooting, her hand was now full of my spunk and some had even shot up her arm, with my cock now going soft I watched spellbound as aunty began to lick my spunk from her hand she said "good boy , now go and get dressed".
Well that was the start of my regular spankings by Aunty in her room. She was usually in a robe and naked underneath except for stockings. She would open her robe and put me naked over her knee and have my cock rub her stocking always got me rock hard.
The spanking was followed by her masturbating me into her hand. After this had happened a few times things changed slightly when she made me masturbate myself into her hand. Standing there with my hard cock in my hand in front of aunty was even more embarrassing as well as very exciting. I had a red bottom a red cock and a red face. But I was always ready to shoot and it never took long before I shot into her lovely hand while she smiled and watched intently as I pulled on my cock, and would then watch her as she would lick up my spunk from her hand and complement me with "good boy".
It was shortly after that when she again caught me red handed playing with my hard cock while in the bath she said she had a special punishment for me this time. That time I got a longer spanking session and my bum really was on fire, also with a lot more handling of my cock and balls in-between slaps , then she put cold cream on her fingers and inserted then deep into my anus. It made me tense up as it felt like she had pushed 3 or 4 fingers into me but it was in fact only two. That made me squirm in her lap and moan out loud as it was the first time anyone had done that to me ,and it also made my cock twitch and become fully erect again. "Just relax "she said and returned to vigorously spanking my bum. Boy was I my bottom glad that it was over .I then stood up and was told to cum for her as usual which I did very quickly into her hand, then she said "now for your punishment, lick it all up NOW "I was shocked but had no choice, so I did. It was my first taste of spunk and was surprisingly ok, and did not taste of anything really. When I had finished she said "good boy ","that's your job from now on" so I was sent to clean up and go down stairs for tea and biscuits with her and uncle. He would just smile and winked at me as I sat down and would ask if I was ok.
By the following summer I was nearly15 , and sent by my mum to stay overnight , it was the first time I got to see uncle naked as well as aunty , they both walked around naked a lot , especially morning and night time to and from the bathroom which was opposite my bedroom door and I had a clear view. I was always keen to stay with my aunt and uncle on a Saturday night, and it ended up where I was always spanked by aunty, Where I always ended up naked and have a raging erection and having to masturbate for her after my spanking. Wanking in front of auntie was glorious. Standing in front of her pulling my foreskin back and forth soon became less embarrassing and more and more exiting as I was always straining to cum when I stood in front of her, It never took long for me to shoot, The look on aunties face as she watched me play with my cock was enough to make me cum instantly.
Then one night as I went into the bathroom to clean up I had cum round my mouth and a semi hard cock, I met uncle coming out , he was also naked , and he just looked at me and smiled as I froze and didn't know what to say, he said "bathrooms free if you want to clean up" I was speechless but did as I was told. We then went down for drinks as usual. We would all sit in our dressing gowns as we drank tea.
Also by the end of the summer my spanking had progressed to 100+ spanks on my naked cheeks. This was the time after I had masturbated for aunty and cleaned up my cum that I turned and saw uncle at the door with a big grin on his face and his thin dressing gown sticking out, I guess he must have watched everything and he had the perfect view of my spanking and genital squeezing as well as aunties fingers massaging my hole as my bum was facing the door. I had already seen uncle's hard cock several times before, when he walked to and from the bathroom with a morning erection. It was I guess about 8ins long also shaved smooth and curved upwards towards his belly button.
After that spanking with uncle at the door, he them sat in the bedroom as well and witnessed everything at very close quarters, my spanking and anal massage by aunty as well as my furious masturbation into aunties hand and me licking my cum from her hand. That made it more exiting and humiliating. Especially when I saw uncles with a big smile on his face and looked to see his gown was open and I could clearly see he was sporting a huge curved erection as well. He also followed me into the bathroom with his erection on display and helped clean my spunk of my face before we went down stairs for tea as usual.
On a few occasions I actually shot my cum on down her legs as she penetrated and probed my anus with her fingers as she rubbed cream deep inside me. That was embarrassing and also I lost out on the pleasure of masturbating for them while they both watched.
I saw aunt and uncle naked round the house a lot more after that, we would even sunbath naked in the garden all day on a Saturday As the bottom of the garden was totally secluded, we lay there and listened to the radio or read books, With me and uncle getting the odd erection, When I was erect aunty always smiled and made me go, still naked and fetch things like lemonade or something from the house.
I loved those summers with aunty and uncle. This lasted till I was about 26 - when I was rampant all the time and my cock seemed to be permanently hard.
I was also to witness my uncle get the some spanking and anal teasing that she gave me, watching uncle get his bum spanked and his anus probed was very exciting for me as well as uncle, as he always sported a large erection. And I always enjoyed watching auntie making his cock shoot its cum into her hand as he moaned in orgasm, or he to would wank his cock himself into aunties hand then lick his own spunk up as well, before going to clean up. By the end of the month uncle would help clean my spunky cock in the bathroom and he made me clean his cock too , later this also included me and uncle sucking each others. This was all under auntie's supervision of course. But that's another story.

Mike's Experiences:

My name is Mike Tuck. My story is about male on male. I was about 16 when I had my first sexual encounter with a male school friend who, if I remember correctly was a year lower than me. I was attracted to him.
I think, if I recall it happened in a field north of the Village where we lived. He got his cock out and I never forget being amazed at its size. I enjoyed handling it and I think it was all we did.
Another experience followed at his place in his room. We got naked together and I sucked him. His cock was a real juicy one and the strong taste of male semen entered my mouth. He hadn't come of course. But he liked being sucked.
My cock was small in comparison but he sucked it anyway.
I remember when he came in my mouth. I was annoyed at the time because he gave no warning, he just came.
I liked riding him too. He'd lay flat, his cock erect and I would sit on it and ride him. I did like feeling his cock in me. I love giving oral and I love the taste. I gave him oral a lot.
It was an enjoyable experience and it was something that went on for a long time.
I have been told recently that I give good head and I'm proud of that. I get as much as I can these days and love stripping outside, anywhere for anyone.
Ever since my first set of experiences with this guy, I have dedicated my body to sex. I still like to give oral when i can and sometimes go further if I find a suitable partner.

Jame's Experiences:

I recently visited a naturist health spa on the South Coast whilst on business. I'd never been to one before but had read many good things about this one online.

After enjoying the many facilities there, I decided to spend a little time in the rest area. I walked by three or four men standing outside wearing their towels around their waists. When I sat down in a room, one man edged closer to the door and started playing with himself. Despite being rather nervous, I took my penis in my hand and began to rub it. He then came into the room, closed and locked the door and lay next to me. We both then started to cuddle and touch each other's rapidly growing penises. I'd not held anyone else's penis since childhood. He was circumcised with a big purple head. After my initial attempts to masturbate him, he realised that I was new to this game and rubbed some saliva on the tip. This helped greatly and soon I was getting into the swing of things. After a short while he said he was getting close, so I picked up the pace until he ejaculated. He tried to reciprocate but I think nerves held me back. I then took his cock in my mouth - another first - and sucked and licked him for a while. Later, another chap tried giving me a blow job but we were interrupted. I did think about going back to the Rest Rooms to see if I could wank someone else off but by then the numbers had dwindled and it was time for me to head off.

The following day I returned after work. Just after I got into the jacuzzi, another man joined me followed by several others. He moved to let them get in and ended up sitting right up against me. Some minutes later, I felt his hand brush my leg and after finding no opposition, he slowly moved his hand towards my groin. He took my penis in his hand and started to wank it. I soon became hard, and felt both excited and nervous about being masturbated with several other people there who may not (or may!) have known what was going on. I moved my hand to his crotch and began to rub his semi-erect penis. This went on for several minutes until I thought I had best end things before I ejaculated.

I left the jacuzzi and went upstairs to the top floor for a lie down. Some moments later I felt a hand on my leg and found that my new found friend had come to find me. He massaged my torso for a while and then his hands went down to my penis again, which soon stood to attention. He suggested that we went to the rest rooms for a massage and I duly agreed.

Once safely locked in a room together we rubbed and sucked each other. My friend stopped me before he ejaculated because he didn't want to cum yet. We left the room and noticed that in another room with an open door, a woman was lying on her back surrounded by men. She was wanking two off, and several others were kneeling by her masturbating furiously. I stood by the door and began to rub my hardening penis. I was invited to kneel next to the lady by her partner. This gave me a great view of her shaved pussy and allowed me to play with her nipples for a while. It was a great feeling masturbating openly in front of all these strangers. They eventually decided that they wanted to go for a sauna, so that fun was over for a while.

I went downstairs and spent some more time enjoying the steam rooms and saunas. Later on, my new friend returned. We sat and chatted for a while and then he suggested going into the jacuzzi again. After getting in, we both grabbed each other's penis and began to wank them. After a few minutes, we decided to go upstairs to the rest rooms again. I didn't bother putting a towel around me, even though I had a full and very hard erection. It was quite exciting walking upstairs wondering whether one of the staff would catch me! Once in the rest rooms, we continued to wank each other off. My friend eventually came in my hand and after a bit more chat excused himself. I was still hard and in need of relief, so I wanked myself off before getting dressed and heading back to my hotel after an evening I will remember for a long time.

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