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Yes, it is possible to enjoy walking in the remoter parts of the countryside of South East England in the nude. The fact is that few people wander further than 200 yards from a car park. We often walk for several hours without meeting anybody and - weather permitting - have been able to remain nude for 80% or more on many of our walks which range from 9 to 13 miles.

The object of these walks is to enjoy the exhilaration of walking without the encumbrance of clothing. We are not planning to make any sort of political point, or to make any sort of challenge to other members of the public. It is our policy to carry "cover-up" garments which we put on when we cross a road, see other walkers approaching us from a distance, or realise that we are about to pass farmers working in their fields. Just occasionally we meet someone without warning, and just greet them with a cheerful "good afternoon."

The walks programme for this year is now prepared and an outline is published on this site. If you would like to take part in these walks why not join SOC now, and you will receive full details of the walks as well as a wealth of information about other club activities. SOC forms an excellent opening into naturism for single people, but couples and married folk are also very welcome. You will find an application form on the main
SOC website.

About our walks:

Each of these walks is between 9 and 13 miles in length: you need to be reasonably fit! They are planned in reasonably unpopulated areas.

We hope to be able to walk most of the way in the nude. We cannot however guarantee that the weather will be warm enough for this!

It is not our intention to cause anyone any offence, or to challenge the law in any way on these walks. Therefore please bring something that you can do a quick cover-up with!

Also please come well equipped with strong walking boots or shoes, a rucksack, a picnic lunch, plenty to drink in warm weather and suitable rain wear and warm clothing when it is not so good.

If you would like more details please E-mail: SOC Walks Organiser , It is helpful if you can outline your naturist experience.

All participants are encouraged to join the Singles Outdoor Club in which couples are also welcome.

To join SOC, write to BM-SOC, London, WC1N 3XX, asking for a membership application form.

Cost of SOC Membership

SOC no longer requires you to be a member of British Naturism, but fees are reduced if you are. There are also reductions if you are a full-time student, under 20 or over 65 on December 31 of the previous year. The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Full SOC membership details are given on the SOC website.


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